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Do you have news that would be of interest to our listeners? 


As the fastest-growing internet talk radio station, Global Talk Radio puts the power of SOCIAL MEDIA to work for you!  Simply give us a 2-line (30 word max) headline for your news, and we'll post it on our home page with a link to your website.  We update news on our home page several times each day, with the most recent news at the top.  If your news item falls off our list, we'll move it to our "continuation" page (also linked from our home page) until the end of the month -- and a link from our site can do wonders for your search engine ranking!

So, what types of news can you post?  Anything relevant:

  • Breaking news, sports, weather or politics

  • Business headlines, web site announcements and newsworthy promotions

  • Author news: books, speaking engagements, publishing deals, etc.

  • And just about anything else you would publish as a press release!

You may submit unlimited news items, provided they are meaningful!

NEW!   Use Paypal and post your news FAST!

Only $3.95 if you order today

If you're a busy professional, your time is money.  Pay $3.95 securely with Paypal...  Submit your news item or press release... And your news will be featured on Global Talk Radio's home page for least 24 hours! 


Note:  We reserve the right to reject, remove or edit interviews & press releases at any time.

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