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Are you feeling overwhelmed by daily news headlines? Are you frustrated and confused at the direction current events are taking? Are you wondering if it is all an accident, or if there is actually a rhyme and a reason? World News and Bible Prophecy sorts out the headlines and important stories affecting our world. It shows you how the Bible has already outlined what is happening, especially in the Middle East. You will learn to discern what is important, and what is not. You will be encouraged in knowing that world events are not spiraling out of control.  

Your host for World News and Bible Prophecy is Jimmy Root Jr., pastor and bestselling author of the Prophetic Fiction Thriller series “The Lightning Chronicles.”  Jimmy is long time pastor and expert in the field of Bible prophecy. He is the Instructor of Eschatology (Study of the End Times) for Global University in the Northern Missouri District, and is the host of “The Bible Uncensored” radio show broadcast on stations around the country. Jimmy is the featured speaker for the “Bible and Current Events Conference” offered to churches.  He has written three books in his fiction series, the first called Distant Thunder was released in August of 2009.  Jimmy’s insights on world events and Bible prophecy are shared at his popular blog, www.prophecyalert.blogspot.com.  More can be learned about the Lightning Chronicles fiction series at www.lightningchronicles.com.


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Topics Discussed and/or Featured Guests
2010-May-17 The Middle East continues to march unabated toward a summertime confrontation.  Lines are being drawn daily.  Challenges are being issued at an alarming pace.  Will anything be able to stop the tide of war?  Find out on this edition of World News and Bible Prophecy, as we see what the Bible has to say about the current situation.
2010-May-03 Today's politically correct talk concerning Iran and its nuclear ambition focuses on the administration of sanctions.  Once described as "biting," the sanctions now being discussed are anything but biting.  Will the application of sanctions against the rogue Iranian regime have any effect?  Join us and find out the truth.
2010-Apr-26 As pressure mounts for Israel to make unprecedented concessions, Iran and Syria continue to exacerbate the conflict by supplying scuds to the Hezbollah in Lebanon.  The question being asked is, "Will Israel be forced to divide the land to the Palestinians?"  What will happen when they do?  Join us as we tackle these issues and more from a Biblical point of view.
2010-Apr-12 This week, the question of nuclear deterrent and non-nuclear proliferation talks have captured the focus of the news.  Iran is on the cusp of going atomic.  Does Israel have nuclear weapons?  If so, will they use them as a deterrent?  Would it matter to Iran?  These are just a few of the questions we explore on this edition of World News and Bible Prophecy.
2010-Apr-05 One of the most fascinating and poignant phrases in the Bible is, "When the time had fully come."  In other words, God brings about the fulfillment of prophecy only when the time is ripe.  Has the time become ripe for prophetic fulfillment concerning Israel and its existence?  Find the answer on this edition of World News and Bible Prophecy.
2010-Mar-29 The key issues our world is facing today are not simply a repetition of history, but rather are a series of events leading to a cosmic confrontation.  Join in on this edition of World News and Bible Prophecy as we delve into the Book of Revelation to see who is behind the world's ills and whether or not things are going to get worse.
2010-Mar-22 How soon can we expect Bible prophecy to be fulfilled?  Are we getting close to a prophesized "end of the age"?  The pace of world events is intensifying by the day.  Join us in this edition of World News and Bible Prophecy and see what God has in mind and why.
2010-Mar-15 Israel is warned by Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, that its relationship with America is at risk.  Will the American government really turn its back on its only ally in the Middle East when 83% of the US population is in favor of Israel?  Find out on this edition of World News and Bible Prophecy!
2010-Mar-08 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran says 911 is a lie.  He proclaims that the Holocaust of WWII did not happen.  He states that Iran's nuclear ambitions are for peaceful purposes.  Which do you believe?  Someone else said, "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."  Find out who is speaking the truth on this edition of World News & Bible Prophecy.
2010-Mar-01 Iran calls for a terrorist summit to refine war plans against Israel.  Israeli diplomats attempt to speed the process of international sanctions against Iran.  America embroils itself in debt, as the economy teeters of the edge of disaster.  The world wonders what is to happen next.  Join us and stay several steps ahead in God's chain of events.
2010-Feb-22 Tensions are increasing in the Middle East.  The world has decided Iran really is trying to develop nuclear weapons.  What do we do now?  Join us as we discuss these and other issues that are important to us all.  We take a hard look at Biblical prophecy in the words of Jesus, himself.
2010-Feb-15 Prognosticators and Soothsayers abound in today's world.  Some spew fear.  Others deny the realities of this evil age by expounding a message of self-betterment and positive convession.  Who is the reliable source for understanding the future?  On this edition of World News and Bible Prophecy, we go to the source of prophetic truth.  His name is Jesus.  Our text is Matthew 24.  Join us as we take a hard look at reality and hope.
2010-Feb-08 Israel once again proves to be the epicenter of world conflict.  Why is this so?  In this edition of World News and Bible Prophecy we explore the reason God has fixed his eye on that small strip of land in the Middle East.  Join me and my co-host, Michael Neff, as we once again walk through Ezekiel 36.
2010-Feb-01 Things are happening at an increase rate, some describing the failure of peace to be achieved in our time.  Can there be peace in the Middle East?  That is the question we explore on today's World News and Bible Prophecy.  Join us!
2010-Jan-25 There is no doubt life is in a continual state of flux.  An earthquake rocks Haiti.  Rains inundate the West Coast.  A landslide skews the political world of America.  But one constant remains: The Prophetic Word of God.  Join us as we tackle a prophetic event that is certain to take place: the blistering judgment against Syria, found in Isaiah chapter seventeen.
2010-Jan-18 In the wake of the terrible earthquake in Haiti, comments have been made and questions have arisen.  Was this an act of God, or just happenstance?  On this edition of World News and Bible Prophecy we tackle this delicate issue and take a hard look at what the Bible has prophesized concerning global upheaval and the end times.
2010-Jan-11 The Bible tells us that "in the last days, perilous times will come."  Some of those perils are religious in nature.  Join us as we examine how Christianity will be treated in the last days from within, as well as by an unbelieving, skeptical culture.
2010-Jan-04 Although it is impossible to predict the coming headlines for 2010, we can know with certainty the direction in which our world is headed.  Join us as we dive into the writings of the obscure Biblical prophet, Zephaniah, who laid out our times with stunning detail nearly twenty-six hundred years ago.
2009-Dec-28 There has been a continual ebb and flow in the Middle East since Israel was reborn, but something will trigger the prophesied end.  What will be the trigger?  Join us in this edition of World News and Bible Prophecy as we take a hard look at the coming call to divide Jerusalem, as well as the Biblical consequences of such an act.
2009-Dec-21 Nostradamas seems to be the popularly preferred mystic, but the Bible speaks of a coming prophetic event with clarity and encouragement.  The event is called the Rapture of the Church, and this is our point of discussion on World News and Bible Prophecy this week.
2009-Dec-14 Can we really rely on the Bible to know our future, or must we look to other sources?  And what about 2012?  Join us as we take a hard look at the track record of the Word of God when it comes to prophecy.
2009-Dec-07 Is America a part of Bible prophecy?  We will study America's place in today's world and whether or not the USA will be drawn into a war with Iran.  Join us!
2009-Nov-30 Viewing the news through the lens of a Biblical worldview is the only way to make sense of current events in our world.

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