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New Age Radio

New Age Radio is a weekly talk show devoted to discovering and learning about herbal healing, natural medicine, ghosts, psychics, UFOs, and the paranormal. 

Hosted by renowned psychic Dan McFarland, each week this show features new guests and topics.  You can also visit Dan at www.newageradio.net.


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Topics Discussed and/or Featured Guests
2005-Aug-13 Andreas Moritz - if you want to recover optimum health and remove the cause of disease, this is the man.  We talk about liver problems and cleansing your liver to help offset many medical conditions.  Also, Jerry Smith, author and researcher of the HAARP Project.
2005-Jul-30 Second July On-Air Psychic Fair with Doug vanGemert
2005-Jul-23 Debra Pickman, who lived in a small house in Atchison, Kansas, that eventually became known as one of the most haunted houses in America
2005-Jul-16 First July On-Air Psychic Fair with Doug vanGemert
2005-Jul-09 Mushrooms and fungus with mushroomthejournal.com; Also an interview with the official Jester for the City of Milwaukee, WI
2005-Jun-25 Discussion about Nathan's Battle, a fight of two brothers with Battens disease; Music therapy with Amy Camie
2005-Jun-18 On Air Psychic Fair with Sarah (clairvoyant readings) and Doug (numerology)
2005-Jun-11 Dr. Shelley Kaehr on gemstone healing; Dr. Marlene Brown on Reiki and alternative healings; Martha Copeland on past lives and reincarnation
2005-May-28 Dr. Georgia Cannon on hypnotherapy and past-life regression; Joycelyn Midose on her psychic reading book store; Dr. Shelley Kaehr on past and future lives
2005-May-21 May's On-Air Psychic Fair
2005-May-14 Suzan Hayden, Astrologer; Continuation of ghost & haunting series with Heidi & Scott Linden
2005-May-07 Discussions about personal angels and ghosts; Interview with Chris of Haunted Times
2005-Apr-30 Malcolm Hawthorne on UFO's; Carolyn Cahill & Jay McCormack on dreams
2005-Apr-16 April's on-air Psychic Fair, with Jenine Esco, Heidi Linden and Astrology by Lynette
2005-Apr-09 Racine, Wisconsin, Paranormal Conference
2005-Apr-02 Jeff from Fire 'Em Up on converting vehicles to propane; Also, Joan Golat
2005-Mar-19 Interview with Dr. Dan Werthimer of the SETI Institute
2005-Mar-12 Special Edition:  On-Air Psychic Fair with Al and Corin
2005-Mar-05 Selena Fox and Corin White discuss Wiccan and Pagan beliefs
2005-Feb-26 Astrologychart.org: Discussion of crop circles with BTK Research
2005-Feb-19 Discussion about Waukegan Anti-Religion Laws and the herbal remedy ESSIAC
2005-Feb-12 Special guests Cheryl Tardif and Debra Lynn Dadd

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