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Demystifying Non-Profits

Hosted by Celeste Terry, MSSA, who is Assistant Executive Director of a community foundation, Demystifying Non-Profits will demystify the world of non-profits and teach people the "how to" in creating programs as an alternative to for-profit business.  Also, celebrities with foundations will be featured to share their passion and tell their story of why they became philanthropists.

She is author of the new book, "Transforming Non-Profits for Relevancy in Challenging Times," available on www.CelesteTerry.com or www.ubfogc.org.

Her expertise is applying internet technology to synergistically market non-profits.  She is also a Certified Anger Management instructor for a non-profit agency and a consultant with the federal Office of Juvenile Justice and Juvenile Delinquency Prevention.

Check show listings for the next live show, or listen to previous discussions with special guests in our archives below:



Topics Discussed and/or Featured Guests


Celeste Terry opened the final show discussing mobile marketing and the two companies she works with for the United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland's two mobile marketing products: Greg Lembrecht at Text A Day and her first guest, Ayodale Cole of SMS Streamer.  Her second guest was Sally Grant, owner of Dream Dinners and president of the National Association of Women Business Owners.  The final guest was branding expert Larry Checco. 


This week's guests:  Janna Crosby, assistant executive director of Just Like Us, talked about how their program helps formerly incarcerated people re-enter society, and their families.  Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant, psychologist and former Essence Magazine columnist, talked about stress and the negative impact it can have on our lives.


Host Celeste Terry discussed the importance of having a website that enables people to connect using social media, a review of the Guidestar Survey's "The Effect of the Economy on the Nonprofit Sector" article, and why it is important for non-profits to maintain integrity which helps prevent ugly audits and possible loss of 501 c 3 status.

Celeste also announced that after five years, September is the final month of her live show.  She is moving on to other opportunities, and she thanked Global Talk Radio and her listeners for five years of great shows and great fun.


Judy Smith, facilitator of Emotional Genetics training, Denise McCray and Diane Goodrum talk about the upcoming 2-day workshop on Emotional Genetics and what to expect.  It will be held Friday, July 30th, and Saturday, July 31st, from 9:00am-5:00pm (both days) at the Beachwood Marriott Hotel at Richmond and Emery Road.  Call 216-371-2969 or 216-999-8573 to register.  The cost is $250.00.  Celeste also provided an update on her work with the Department of Justice and other topics to inspire listeners to take action and continue moving forward.


Edna Sutton, executive director of Compassions Training & Awareness Center, talks about how her injuries from a domestic violence incident resulted in quadriplegia.  Edna then created an organization to train home health care providers to work with people with spinal chord injuries and is moving into her new location at 12200 Fairhill Road in Cleveland, OH.


Etiquette expert and founder of Global Impressions Communication, LLC, Wilvena McDowell, talks about her latest book, "Miss Priss In The Office: First Impressions for Corporate Women," and how important it is to manage your image for success in your life.  The book also contains several quizzes to test your etiquette skills.  Proceeds from the book will help support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


Jeffrey Rodman, President, CEO and Founder of Here-4-You Christian Grants Consulting and Church Grant Writing in Front Royal, Virginia, provides insight into the Christian market and how important and necessary it is for organizations to learn about grants and seeking grants for their projects.


Terri Bradford Eason, director of gift planning for the Cleveland Foundation and Charles Burkett, member of the African American Committee of the Cleveland Foundation talk about the upcoming philanthropy summit:  Advancing African American Philanthropy: Building Tomorrow's Legacy Today on Saturday, April 24, 2010 from 8am-1pm at Corporate College.  Visit www.buytfc.com and select code: BIVUFT (United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland, Inc.) to purchase PGA Bridgestone Invitational Tickets for Charity for only $35.00.  Participating charities receive $26.25 back from each $35.00 ticket sold to their code.  Celeste Terry also provided marketing updates and shared the results that have occurred from taking action and not being afraid to try new things.


Sue Johnson, executive director and actress, of Wake Up and Live Actor's Studio talks about the upcoming Master Acting class with veteran film, stage and TV actor Bill Cobbs, on April 10th & 11th at the Cleveland Play House.  She also talks in detail about audition techniques, and what aspiring actors need to know to make it in the business today.


Cynthia Bailie, executive director of the Foundation Center-Cleveland, talks about all of the resources that are available to establish, build and sustain a non-profit organization, including grantwriting, research, and streaming live training workshops.


Edna Duffy, executive director of Duffy Liturgical Dance, celebrates 25 years of dance and provides great insight on what it takes to build a thriving performing arts organization.  She also talked abut their upcoming FREE 25th Anniversary event on February 21st at the University Circle United Methodist Church in Cleveland, OH.


Celeste Terry provides a road map on how to create vision and buzz utilizing her book, Foundation Center blog post at http://www.clevelandblog.foundationcenter.org and lectures -- all things that you can learn how to do, too, to get results.


Larry Checco, branding consultant, shares his insight on the value of trust and how to build it for organizations in these times of uncertainty.  Thank you for joining me as we begin our 5th year of broadcasting this show!


Chaney Weiner, founder of the Wealth Mastery Success Program, talks about the importance of discovering one's self-worth to the world and determining what one's values are, in order to achieve success in all aspects of life.  Join us again in January 2010, as we begin the 5th year of Demystifying Non-Profits.  Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Happy New Year!  Thanks for listening.


Host Celeste Terry talks about "persistence" and new opportunities with text messaging and blogging.  Happy Thanksgiving listeners!  Sign-up to receive mobile text messages from psychologist Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby-Grant at www.ubfogc.org, and support a non-profit as well.


Judy Smith, trainer in Emotional Genetics, talks about how family traumas can be liberated from our systems once we understand all of the emotional links.


Laura Wellington, founder and executive director of The Giddy Gander Company and their Wumblers product line, one of which is a children's television show distributed to 35,000 public and private schools, talks about how she created a successful organization built on the "language of fun".


Santina Protopapa, founder and executive director of Progressive Arts Alliance, talks about the group's upcoming invitation to perform at an Arts in Education program at Harvard University October 31st, and their upcoming benefit October 16th at the Idea Center at Playhouse Square in Cleveland, OH.  Santina also talked about the elements that make up an effective program that motivates youth and provides strong outcomes.


Rebecca Powers, executive director of Impact Austin (Texas), talks about how she created this 501 c3 organization that is structured as a Giving Circle to make grants in a slightly non-traditional way.  She also talked about Girls Giving Grants, a group of teen girls that are grantmakers under the umbrella of Impact Austin.


Stacey Stoutemire, director of Simply Elegant Catering and Event Planning and heart attack survivor, talks about how to begin incorporating heart healthy cooking and eating into your daily routine.  And she provides suggestions on how to help kids eat heart healthy meals, too.


Delores Lynch, executive director of Senior Outreach Services (Cleveland), talks about the issue of aging.  She also talked about how to "grow" an organization over time, and how their organization purchased and moved into their own building - celebrating their 30th Anniversary event on September 25, 2009.


Chris Cathcart, president of One Diaspora Group (Los Angeles), provides great insight into the psychology of giving.  He also talks about his book, "The Lost Art of Giving Back: A Helpful Guide to Making a Difference," as well as Ledge Magazine, a lifestyle magazine for college students.


Author Krista Reese talks about being a writer in today's economy, and she spoke about her new book, "Atlanta Classic Desserts," which features the new, exciting cuisine of Atlanta.


Don Padgett, III, Executive Director of Bridgestone Invitational World Golf Championships, talks about the new Tickets fore Charity Program that benefits non-profit organizations, and he provided insight on the range of PGA Tournaments.  Celeste Terry provided insight into what it is like to be a Tickets for Charity team member, and being part of soemthing "big" - like the PGA.


Yvonne Pointer, director of Positive Plus, activist, author and philanthropist, talks  about overcoming grief and learning that there is life after death.


Gail Perry-Mason, Senior Director of Investments at Oppenheimer & Co., Inc. and Financial Columnist for Heart & Soul Magazine, talks about socially responsible investing, and provided steps to take to increase financial literacy during these tough economic times.  400 listeners tuned in last week (July 1st), making it an important milestone for this show, Demystifying Non-Profits.  Thank You!


Celeste Terry talks about her new book, "Transforming Non-Profits for Relevancy in Challenging Times," and the concept of transformative leadership, which she defined in her book and why it is needed today to thrive in difficult times.  She also talked about the PGA World Golf Championship Bridgestone Invitational Tickets for Charity program.  Go to www.bridgestoneinvitational.com/tfc to order and print a $35 tick with code: UBF.  Ticket sales benefit the United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland, Inc.


Larry Checco, branding consultant, talks about the new age of need and giving that is affecting non-profits today, and how to still be positive despite the difficult economy.


Coach Dwight and Angela McDowell of Master Mentors talk about their mentor ministry that combines athletics and academics, providing good outcomes for youth.


Chandler Arnold, Senior Vice President of First Book and Executive Director of First Book Marketplace, talks about the need for non-profit organizations to develop social enterprise and to become social entrepreneurs to create lasting sustainability for the organization.


Curtis Roberson, Director of Touched by Health, talks about natural hygiene and the importance of eating a plant-based diet.


Fabian Muzik, hip hop artist and producer, provides in-depth discussion about the music industry.  He talks about what new artists need to know about promoting themselves to get a producer's attention, and he shared three tracks of his music during the show.


Jennifer Lawson, general manager of WHUT - Howard University Television, talks about what it takes to manage a non-profit PBS station vs. a commercial station, and she provided insight on new media opportunities and how to break into television.


Janice Higgins, executive director of Project R.A.G.E., talks about how rage from molestation as a child, to learning of her mother's murder by her boyfriend, kept her on a self-destructive path that led to her incarceration at Chowchilla Prison in California.  It was there that she changed and forged a new, positive life.


Beverly Schwartz, director of marketing for Ashoka.org, talks about the social entrepreneur as a change agent and how Ashoka helps support change systemically.


Darlene Opare-Adu, owner of Best Girlfriends in Chester, PA, talks about the importance of finding ways to make stress reduction a priority in our lives, why we need to lose weight and the revolutionary Body Magic garment that helps you drop 3 dress sizes in about 10 minutes.


Jeanna Davis, MSSA, director of Outreach and Adult Day Services at Eliza Bryant Village, talked about dementia and keeping aging adults engaged in positive activities.  She also talked about insurance programs for adult daycare and explained the alternatives to nursing home care that are available.  Ms. Davis also shared information on how to communicate and care for a loved one experiencing the frustration of declining health.


A. Grace Lee Mims, WCLV 104.9FM Classical Radio Host of the long-running show
"The Black Arts," talks about what is takes to host a radio show for 32 years, the importance of the influence of Black culture on the Arts and finding your passion in life.


Tito M. Bradley, author of "We Got Issues: A Conversation about Black Love and Relationships," talks about the need for balance in relationships, and he shares the process he went through to publish this book.


Kathryn Hall, CEO of The Essence Group, a diversity consulting firm, talks about the exhibit RACE: Are We So Different? that is currently at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History from September 27, 2008, through January 4, 2009.  The traveling exhibit is a collaboration between the American Anthropological Association, the Science Museum of Minnesota and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  Kathryn also provided a solid definition of diversity, and why diversity should be embraced today.


Kyle Zimmer, president of First Book in D.C., talks about the importance of literacy and First Book's mission to provide books to children in underserved communities in the U.S. and Canada.  She also provided great insight on how to evaluate an organization's programs, and how to create and utilize business models to help market and develop partnerships, building value for the organization.


Gloria O'Neal, aromatherapist, provides a fascinating discussion on the power of aromatherapy, polarity and other natural healing practices that can be used to reduce stress and foster healing.


Max Szadek, founder of Divabetic and Jessica Issler, certified diabetes educator returned to provide a lively discussion about diabetes.  They also talked about the Novo Nordisk Presents: Divabetic - Makeover Your Diabetes tour which has visited eight cities across the U.S. that takes diabetes out of the clinical setting and makes managing diabetes fun and doable.


Celeste Terry provides marketing information about the New Media Expo, what it takes to write a book, her Keynote address at the National Press Club, and information on the state of philanthropy -- in challenging time from USA TODAY newspaper, and other information that can be used to help you "think outside the box" to benefit your organization.


Larry Checco (branding consultant), Betty Tam (executive director of Umpqua Community Development Corporation), Mikey Beach of Umpqua CDC, as well as Diane Leigland (deputy director of Community Frameworks and Ann Price of Community Frameworks) provided a lively discussion on what it was like to participate in an internal branding audit, and how to implement the recommendations that came from the audit.


Lee Lazar, executive director of the Rainey Institute, talks about what organizations must do to engage teens and their families, and how the arts can be used to address social issues.


Phyllis Harris, director of Capital Campaign, provides in-depth information on the services of the Cleveland Sight Center that helps people remain independent and mobile as they learn to adapt and navigate with a disability.  Phyllis also talks about the role of their Capital Campaign to expand the organization.


Sherri Brandon, executive director of Transitional Housing, talks about the impact of the economy on families and issues that cause people to become homeless today.


Chris Cathcart, founder of One Diaspora Group, talks about Ledge Magazine and HIV/AIDS on college campuses.


Jeanne Madison, development consultant, provides a detailed overview of how to identify donors, how to create an annual campaign, endowments, and service learning for youth.  She also discussed the "art" and science of fundraising.


Celeste Terry talks about results to build on from internet marketing efforts.


Aria Mondola-Dontarvon, database management specialist, talks about the importance of tracking information for small and large organizations.


Larry Checco and David Hunt discuss how to tell your organization's story effectively.


R. Dandridge Collins, Ph.D., (Dr. Dan) talks about his new book, "The Trauma Zone."  He discusses how there is an Exit Sign from the 5 stations of trauma people experience.


Jason Zone Fisher, filmmaker, talks about his film "Swing State," which documents the personal side of politics, campaigning and life in a political family with his father, Lt. Governor of Ohio, Lee Fisher.  Swing State recently premiered at the Cleveland Film Festival and will be show at other festivals around the country.


Elizabeth Hilton, executive director of Cleveland Saves, talks about money and personal saving in difficult economic times.


Wilvena McDowell, CEO/President of Global Impressions Communications, a professional development and social etiquette business, shares her insights on character, integrity and making a positive lasting impression.  She also talked about her book, "Attributes of the Self," and how to liberate yourself to follow your dreams.


Dr. Jorethia Chuck, school psychologist, shares her insight on trends in Special Education and how parents must advocate, not be intimidated, and be involved in the education of their children.


Eric Silver, Workshop Coordinator for WVIZ Ideastream/PBS, discusses the Distant Learning geneological teachers training as the follow-up to the PBS special, "African American Lives2" that teaches how to incorporate geneology in the curriculum for public schools.  Host Celeste Terry announced the debut of her podcasts on Hidden Beach Recordings website (www.hiddenbeach.com). 


TV talk show host, Stephana Caviness of "A Woman's Point," talks about community programming.


Larry Checco (Branding Expert), Sandra Bettger (Executive Director, Giving Circles Network), Rebecca Powers (Founder and President, Impact Austin, Austin Texas), and Carmen Stevens (Three Generations Circle of Women Givers, Traverse City, Michigan) provide a lively conversation on Giving Circles, grassroots philanthropy, that is taking the country by storm.


Hip hop artists John-John (John Kirk) and Mr. Sylk (Army Staff Sgt. Adrian Taylor) of 1223 share their music, "Wish I Knew," from the CD, "In The Shadow of an Icon" on Thug Life Army Records, a 2 CD compilation by artists influenced by late rapper Tupac Shakur, and talk about what independent artists must do today to make it in the music industry.


Celeste Terry provides tips from her class, "Innovative Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations" at Case Western Reserve University, to see possibilities not challenges to create "buzz" using new technology to market your organization.


Stacey Stoutemire, of Simply Elegant Catering and Event Planning, provided tips on preparing heart healthy holiday meals and what to look for in a caterer.  Stacey is also an American Heart Association Ambassador and discussed how to reduce stress levels to prevent heart attacks during the holiday season.


Hip hop recording artist K-Loron, and Bani Chapman (president/CEO of Rising To The Top Records) talk about the music industry and their new CD, "In the Shadow of an Icon," a project that grew out of the words and teachings of late rapper, Tupac Shakur, that will be distributed through Universal/AMG on Thug Life Army Records for digital download on iTunes and in stores nationwide January 15, 2008.


Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant, multimedia psychologist and therapist, discusses how to handle molestation, changing roles in marriage and other mental health issues.


Filmmaker Michael Bell discusses what it takes to make a documentary, how to shop it at the Sundance Film Festival and how his film, "Il Millione," will have its premiere at the Shaker Cinema in Cleveland, Ohio, from November 6th through December 6th.


Renaissance man, Julian Roberts, shares his wisdom on doing business internationally in Brazil and Ghana, to creating information technology systems for community-based organizations and the power of language.


Debra Pence-Meyenberg, executive director of America Scores Cleveland; Christina Williams, program director; Matthew Williams, soccer director; and 3 poet-athletes (Peireiona, Martesja and Derek) share their poetry and talk about this unique soccer/literacy after-school program.  Poetry Slam will be held Saturday, November 17, 2007, at Cleveland State University's Waetjen Auditorium at 6:00pm.


Terri Taylor, founder of the Star Readers Program, shares her insight on literacy with her innovative program that uses celebrities to read books to children.


Philanthropist Yvonne Pointer and Patrice Horton, co-founder of TuffLuv Productions, discussed how football player Donte Whitner (strong safety for the Buffalo Bills) has embraced Yvonne's charity, The Gloria Pointer Teen Movement in Ghana, West Africa, by sending school supplies and other needed items to the children there.  They also discussed purpose, relationships, taking action and the importance of giving back.


Host Celeste Terry discusses the Pension Protection Act of 2006 that requires all non-profits to file form 990-N starting in 2008; the Sarbane Oxley Act of 2002 that deals with compliance issues (such as saving electronic records); and instructions on filing form 1023 (Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501c3), and more.


Mocha Lee, international fitness pro and contributing writer for Heart & Soul Magazine, provides inside information on the world of fitness.


Charles Whitfield, founder of Hidden Beach Recordings, provides inside information on the music industry and a record company.  He also talks about their unique Hidden Beach National College Internship Program and how Hidden Beach works with popular recording artists Jill Scott, Dr. Cornell West, Mike Phillips and more.


Sue Johnson, director of Wake Up and Live Actor's Studio, discussed everything aspiring actors and performing artists should know about building their career (agents, theater experience, commercials, industrials and voiceovers).  She also discussed her upcoming performance of Love Letter with Leon Bibb at the Brooks Theatre at the Cleveland Playhouse.


Divabetic Founder and assistant to the late Luther Vandross, Max Szadek, acclaimed radio and TV personality, Mother Love, Mary Ann Nicolay of the Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland, and Jessica Issler, nutritionist with Novo Nordisk Presents: Divabetic - Makeover Your Diabetes.  Join in for an informative discussion on diabetes.


Branding consultant Larry Checco and Lou Tisler (executive director of Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland) provide a lively discussion on branding, leadership and the importance of building trust in the marketplace that translates into a positive brand experience for an organization.


Theresa Tucker, director of The East Cleveland Theatre, talks about the importance of community theatre and how theatre can be a great learning and socialization experience for youth.


Award-winning journalist, author and philanthropist, Yanick Rice Lamb provides insight on the world of writing magazines and how she established an endowment to memorialize an associate at Columbia University.


Kristina Austin, director of community outreach and marketing for the Gathering Place (a cancer support center), talks about what to do and how to cope with a diagnosis of cancer.  She also talked about hospice end of life care and grief counseling.


Janice Williams, clinical social worker, provides insight on the issue of women in prison and the impact it has on family and - ultimately - the community.


Entrepreneurial author, Francine Silverman, provides insight on the talk show industry and the new avenues authors can utilize to promote their books.


Celeste Terry provides inside tips for creating programming that generates interest in your organization, and how to apply new media to achieve new goals.


Host Celeste Terry talks about how to create "buzz" for your organization that translates into interest and increased donations.


Youth career coach, Artemus Carter of Youth Opportunities Unlimited, shares his insight and knowledge on working with youth to prepare them for employment.


Humanitarian and international consultant, Marcus Butler, talks about water purification projects in Ghana, Haiti and Brazil, as well as how working on international projects is not out of reach for people who want to do something to help others in developing countries.


Yvonne Pointer, author and motivational speaker, shares her insight on "The Secret" and how to make The Law of Attraction work in your life.


Vocalist Me'na shares music from her new CD, "Living My Life," and talks candidly about being a two-time brain surgery survivor and living your dream despite challenges.


Tom Mendelsohn, director of the Empowerment Center of Greater Cleveland, shares his insight on what advocacy organizations must do to be effective (i.e., determine the platform and define issues that can be addressed to transform lives).


James Ringfield, director of Believers Academy, talks about capturing the imagination of educational at-risk students with innovative methods to successfully transition them back into their regular schools.


Dr. Jomo Mutegi, director of the Sankore Institute, talks about growing intellectual infrastructure in science, math, engineering and technology in underserved communities.  He also shares information about his new book, "The Greatest Gifts a Parent Can Give."


Dr. E. (aka Dr. Elaine Richardson), ex-prostitute turned college professor and singer, shares her amazing story, as well as music from her CD, "Coat of Flesh."


Dr. Jeanne Porter talks about leadership and her two books, "Leading Ladies:  Transformative Biblical Images for Women's Leadership" and "Leading Lessons:  Insights on Leadership from Women of the Bible."


Filmmaker Aaron Johnson of Triple Crown Films talks about the process of turning novels into films.  And be inspired!  Go to www.ubfogc.org to receive inspirational text messages from Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant of Essence Magazine sent to your mobile telephone.


Cartoonist, Jerry Craft shares his insight on how he created a syndicated comic strip, Mama's Boyz.


Joyce Pleasant talks about her book, "Diary of a Patient, Her Illness, Family and Friends," her near-death experience and how to cope and not lose hope during catastrophic illness.


Gary Crawford, imaging and video field engineer at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, talks about Shuttle launches, rockets and ETF, the non-profit robotics program he created 10 years ago to expose youth to technology.


Dr. Charleyse Pratt, Yvonne Pointer, Yvonne Booker, Tarita Mosley and Dr. Jeanne Porter share in a lively discussion about our recent trip to Ghana in West Africa.  And our tour guide Amoah Gogo called from Ghana - a highlight of the show.


Brother and sister poets, Sheree Graham and Jermaine Jackson, share poetry from their new book, "My Soul on Paper," and talk about the challenging process of self-publishing.


Singer Jay Rush shares his music and insight on being a recording artist today.


Music industry legend and co-founder of Ruthless Records, Jerry Heller talks about his explosive new book, "Ruthless, A Memoir" and the music industry.


Christopher Cathcart, president of One Diaspora Consulting and author of the new book, "The Lost Art of Giving Back - A Helpful Guide to Making a Difference," talks about volunteerism and his public relations bootcamps held in different cities across the United States.


Branding expert, Larry Checco (Maryland) provides in-depth analysis to 4 organizations wrestling with branding issues:  Michele Cesca, executive director of Assistance League (California); Roxanne Ravenel, owner of Completely Virtual SoHo Conference (Ohio); Brenda Berry, resource development director of RRC (Georgia); and Wanda Davis, executive director of Ashbury Senior Computer Center (Ohio).


Local Dreamgirls Nadia Hardnick, Alressa Scullark and Valita Williams of the group Lirics, and their manager, Kent Steward, share their music, their experience in the recording studio, and what it takes to become successful performers.


Celeste Terry, host of Demystifying Non-Profits, shares insights on innovation, understanding the motivation of donors, and branding.  She also talks about what it is like to create and host a weekly internet radio talk show (this program on GlobalTalkRadio.com) and podcast (Digital Sista on imazepod.podomatic.com).


Contemporary poet and theology graduate, Kelvin Bailey reads poems from his self-published book, "My World," and talks about his journey and how he changed his life.


Tim Seiple and Mark Nuss of Adcom, a marketing communications firm, provide details on how creative design is accomplished with clients (non0profit and for-profit organizations).  They also discuss podcasting and how to utilize it for marketing purposes.


Motivational speaker, Yvonne Pointer, talks about the process of becoming a speaker and the need for consistency to achieve success as a speaker.  Queen of hip hop literature and ex-con, Vickie Stringer, talks about how she self-published her first novel, "Let That Be The Reason," built a successful international publishing company (Triple Crown Publishing), plus all about her non-profit organization (The Valen Foundation) that helps children visit incarcerated parents.


Father Michael (founder of Dominion Family Services), Shirley Williams (founder and director of Wings of Love) and Darryl Rice (director of EVAY - Ethics, Vices and You) provide a lively discussion on factors that contribute to family/domestic violence and how to stop it.


Ionia Dunn Lee, international fashion stylist and former runway model, provides an in-depth look at fashion styling and the business of fashion.


Former drug king pin, now millionaire house hustler, Kenneth Rushing talks about real estate investment and community development in urban communities.


Sharon L. Bebout, manager of grants and services at the United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland, Inc., provides in-depth discussion on the grant application process and the pitfalls to avoid in order to receive funding for a non-profit program.


Jackie Chisolm, VP of Planning and Institutional Relations for the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame, talks about strategic planning, government relations and the economic impact, the Rock Hall's seven community programs, and how important it is to "tell your story" even though the Rock Hall is an internationally known museum.  Sharon McPherson-Foxx, Irma McQueen and Mary Lawrence McKinney of the East Cleveland Theatre talk about the Langston Hughes comedy, "Joy to My Soul", which was found in a dusty corner of the Karamu Theatre years ago and is being staged again.


Dr. Yvonne Allen, Nancy Jones and Rosalind English of Shaker Heights School System discuss what is needed for academic achievement in high school.


Universal Records hip hop recording artists, Beaz Portier and Train Fontaine of 216, share three tracks from their new CD, "The Game Is Life," and share inside information on what it takes to land a record deal, and on the hip hop industry in general.


Andrea Dean, media relations director for the Ohio prison system, talks about her responsibilties as communications director for 34 prisons, 7 parole regions and being the chief spokesperson for the State of Ohio prison system.  She also discusses the upcoming 19th Annual National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (NABCJ) Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, October 15th-17th.


Vincent Edwards (Mr. Speaker) from Tallahassee shares his wisdom on finding your passion, avoiding procrastination, and managing your time to achieve long-lasting success.


Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant discusses how to overcome psychological trauma and what we can do to control our minds and thoughts.


Ben Hill (from Hawaii) discusses his Gospel radio program and how he reaches people throughout Hawaii and the mainland with his prison ministry.  Wanda Davis, director of Ashbury Senior Computer Center, talks about how the program bridges the digital divide with urban seniors.


J.R. Perry shares his music as he discusses gun violence and the need for community gun buy-back programs to get guns off the streets.  He also talked about sickle cell anemia and the nutritional solutions that can be utilized to reduce the pain associated with sickle cell crisis.


Mack Warren, director of Distinguished Men of Excellence, talks about the power of belief in changing the lives of young men through his mentoring program.  Consultant Anita Branan of Branan Consulting shares her insight on capacity building for small to medium sized organizations, and how they can be effective and have longevity.


Rev. Dr. Margaret Mitchell and Brother Gary discuss the components of the unique 14-week Building Healthy Relationship Program and how it transforms relationships and helps prevent divorce.


Dr. Joy Leary talks about her book, "Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome," and how negative beliefs from the past contribute to present day behaviors, plus how people can be healed.


This week's program features the music of Mikhaela Howard as she discussed leadership development and the wholistic approach The Martha Vance Arts and Education Foundation takes in addressing issues affecting teens, the family and the community.


Faith Holmes and Dennis Stafford, founders of Oneness, share the music from the Oneness CD:  Songs of Hope & Unity.  Listen in as they talk about the innovative programs they host around the country to end racism.


Faith Holmes and Dennis Stafford, founders of Oneness, talk about how their organization eliminates racism and promotes unity through music, the arts and education in cities across the country.


Dorothy Carmack, director of East Cleveland Transitional Housing, talks about the many layers and faces of homelessness, and what can be done to help people move forward in their lives.


Artis Gaines, president of Creative Artists for Entertainment, Inc., shares fascinating information about being a location manager for studio pictures, Air Force One, Antwone Fisher and more.


Featuring Justine Muhammed, an identity theft victim, who now provides Risk Assessment and shows people what to do when their identify is stolen.  She also discussed the Women Who Jam Tour for aspiring, unsigned artists interested in breaking into the music industry.


Hair specialists Janet P. Smith of Ms. Jade's Closet talks about hair loss resulting from cancer treatment and other reasons, and Ladosha Wright of Reverence Salon talks about the essay contest to win an array of salon equipment and products.


Beauty entrepreneur and author Teresa Saxton shares her passion about the business of beauty, and her work as a sickle cell anemia advocate for people and families affected by this blood disorder.


Rene Jones, director of the Rene Jones Empowerment Center, talks about how her center addresses the low self-esteem issues of parents and children, so they learn their value and bond better with their children through activities.  Johnnie Walker, executive director of the National Association of Black Female Executives, talks about the 12 city Women Who Jam Tour for unsigned artists, and the music industry.


Greek Gray shares her experience in dealing with leukemia and talks about how her foundation, the Greek Gray Leukemia Foundation, works to educate people about the need for minority bone marrow donors.  Dr. Tonia Stewart, director of Cleveland MOTTEP, explains how her organization helps to dispel fear by explaining that organ donation is a way of giving back to others in need of a second chance at life.


Featuring the smooth jazz of saxophonist Jay Harmon, with producer Greg Beasley and manager Stephana Caviness, as they discuss the recording industry, the process of composing and producing music, and how music can help young people turn away from violence.


Attorney Mallory Curran provides insight on the legal-medical collaborative program that she created, and why this program is successful in removing legal barriers to improve the health of children and their families.


Karen L. Jackson, founder of Results in Giving, discusses how to leave a legacy, estate planning for collectors, and the importance of having a will.  She also talks about Northern Ohio's Planned Giving Day, an event to educate people about the different aspects of philanthropy.


Inspirational columnist and author Stacey Hawkins Adams talks about her new book, "Nothing But The Right Thing", and shares her insight on the process of writing and finding hope in desperate situations, such as domestic abuse.


Larry Checco, president of Checco Communications, provides Branding 101 for anyone wanting to learn how to cut through the clutter and raise the visibility and value of their non-profit organization or business, to ensure their message is heard in the marketplace.


Terry Stewart, president and CEO of the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame, provides insider insight on the impact of the Rock Hall on Cleveland, the history of Rock-N-Roll, community outreach programs and more.  Barbara Bibb, founder and director of Jamocha Arts Center, discusses how her music program for male teenagers awakens talent and opens the door to learning about recording, mixing & other music careers.


Executive producer and playwright, Greg Huskisson, discusses his video, "Sister, I'm Sorry", and outlines the process of forgiveness to heal communication and relationships between men and women.  He also discussed how his newspaper and a foundation raised $1 million for three years to send at-risk youth to summer camp.


Kathleen Goodwin, VP of Strategic Marketing at cMarket Inc., provides insight into how to engage donors to avoid donor fatigue, how to identify the goals of an online auction and the importance of learning the art of viral marketing for successful online auctions and online marketing.


Millionaire Farrah Gray talks about his sister, Greek, leukemia and the need for people of color to become bone marrow donors; and he shares his insight on how he became a millionaire at 14 years old.  Author Tina McElroy talks about her book, "You Know Better", and the Sea Island Writers Retreat she holds twice a year on Sapelo Island, Georgia, for published and non-published writers.


Featuring Fareeda Husam'Adeen, director of The Girls Club of Ohio, on creating a program that develops character, improves socialization skills of teenage girls, and keeps them engaged in positive activities; and Elizabeth Hilton, director of Cleveland Saves, on social marketing that promotes financial literacy for people in the non-profit sector and for-profit business that is free of charge.


Seth Gordon, associate artistic director of The Cleveland Playhouse, shares inside information on the world of the professional theatre, including the process for selecting plays to produce, how actors are cast, and producing Fusion Fest, an art festival of new works.


Diversity expert Lenora Billings-Harris provides in-depth discussion on the value of diversity and why organizations that embrace diversity have the advantage in today's competitive environment.


First time author Bishop David G. Evans discusses his book, "Healed Without Scars", and how faith transforms past trauma and obstacles so that we can live in the present and not sabotage the good that comes into our lives.


Playwright Prester Pickett discusses the components of crafting a play, from creating dialogue/scripts to developing scenes.  He also discusses the business of art (i.e., grantwriting to finance the production of plays.)


Philana Marie Boles discusses her sassy new book, "Little Divas".


Norma Thompson Hollis, CEO of Speakers Etc., provides essential insider information on the qualities needed to be a profitable speaker, and how she incorporates labyrinth walking meditation into the workshops she leads, so speakers move beyond confusion and uncertainty to soar to new heights of achievement.


Melanie Shakarian and Kate Brown discuss the Community Advocacy Program, a collaboration between law and medicine, that eliminates barriers by providing legal and medical services in health centers located in underserved neighborhoods.


Ilinda Reese, author and motivational speaker, provides in-depth discussion on recognizing when people are pulling your strings, and how we give away our power when involved in negative relationships.  She also shares her insight on what it takes to become a successful motivational speaker.


Pam Hubbard, director of Golden Cyphers, discusses how she created a "think tank" to find innovative solutions that teach teens how to communicate, solve problems and identify emotions, so that feelings of hurt can be distinguished from being mad, thereby preventing negative behaviors..


Marlene Jackson, director of C.A.R.E., discusses how in 90 days she created a volunteer organization and a store that was located in a shopping mall, in order to help Hurricane Katrina victims in Cleveland, plus how she obtained the truck needed (despite many obstacles) to deliver the collected items to Louisiana before Christmas.


J. Everett Prewitt, award-winning self published author, discusses his first book, "Snake Walkers", and provides in-depth discussion on components of writing: character & story development, how to self-publish, editing and more.


Yvonne Pointer shares her thoughts on philanthropy, how to develop as a motivational speaker, and how she turned the tragic murder of her daughter, Gloria, into finding her life's purpose - helping others.


Terri Davis, supervisor of Family Health Programs at Beech Brook, discusses anger and adults, anger and kids, parenting, identifying triggers/stress, and learning how to manage anger appropriately so that discipline is separated from anger to avoid negative consequences with the law.


Lisa Nichols, author of Chicken Soup for the African American Soul, talks in-depth about her new 4-CD set, "When You're REady for the Real Truth About Whatever", and how our responses to negative events influences the outcome.


Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby-Grant, Essence Magazine columnist and lecturer with the National Speaking of Women's Health Organization, discusses her article, "The Indestructible Spirit": how people who lose everything can gain everything by being transformed by tragedy, better ways to deal with holiday depression, and re-claiming your spirit to avoid victim psychology.


Edna Duffy, director of Duffy Liturgical Dance, discusses dance, dance training, and her ensembles' performance in Sydney, Australia, for the 2000 Olympics, as well as other performances around the world.


Salaam, founder and director of GirlSpirit-Women Song, an empowerment program for teens and parents in New York City, discusses how she created innovative programs for teen girls and for women 40-49 years old to address self-esteem, body image, and education.  Also, Salaam tells us how the fundraising event, Men Cooking For Change, will benefit her program.


Reggie Rucker, former NFL star, discusses the experiences of playing in the Super Bowl, receiving a presidential award from President Ronald Reagan, writing a book that chronicled his difficult early life of poverty to NFL star, and how these challenges paved the way for discovering a new passion after the NFL as Director of the Cleveland Sports Stars Foundation.


Glennis Thrower, CEO of Guidance and Direction Services, discusses the passion and dedication needed to create a group home that allows schizophrenic residents to live and interact with neighbors in the community.


Michael J. Parry, senior manager, Corporate and Foundation Support for the American Red Cross, provides in-depth discussion on hurricane and disaster relief, volunteer services, blood collection and the Nurses Assistant Training program that changes lives and enables underserved women and men to begin a career in nursing.


David Brown, president of Digital Image Communcations and director of the For Life Foundation provides inside tips from a webmaster on website development for non-profits, and how hip hop artists, celebrities and athletes teach teens how to be more active with excercise.


Sally Grant, owner of a Dream Dinners franchise, discusses how for-profit business can create fundraising programs that non-profit organizations can use to help raise money for their organizations, and what it takes to purchase a franchise and open a franchise location in a community.


Khaz Rael, director of Art for Seniors, discusses the importance of keeping seniors engaged socially and mentally with art classes by teaching seniors how to mix colors, as well as how to draw or paint still-lifes, portraits, landscapes and abstracts.


Bessie S. Fletcher, MS, founder of the Mother and Daughter Bonding Network, and "Intra-Conversation" expert, discusses how meditation and word cognition training worskshops teach mothers and daughters how to listen and communicate with each other to form a more positive bond, and better relationship with each other.


Celeste E. Terry, MSSA, discusses trends in marketing non-profit organizations.


Gabrielle Love, Director of Corporate Development, Case Western Reserve University, discusses the steps involved in cultivating relationships to "ask" for major corporate donations of $50,000, $100,000 and more to meet an annual fundraising goal of $500,000, and learning the art of fundraising


Bestselling author Bebe Moore Campbell discusses her latest novel, "72 Hour Hold", about mental illness, and on becoming a mental health activist as co-founder of the Inglewood chapter of NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness).


Dr. Angel Neal-Barnett, psychologist and CEO of Rise Sally Rise on gaining insight into the form of anxiety one experiences to break free, and workshops available for non-profit organizations to help their clients reduce anxiety.


Dr. Joel Martin, president of Triad West, Inc., international trainer, author, and speaker on how to be a positively powerful person; Lessons to take a non-profit business or individual to higher levels of success.


J.T. Garabrant, CFRE, director of development and senior associate, office of the vice chairman of Institutional Relations & Development at the Cleveland Clinic on how to raise major gifts of $100,000 or more, how to develop an annual campaign, and defining the skills needed to have a career in development.


Terrie Williams, CSW, founder of the Stay Strong Foundation and president of The Terrie Williams Agency, on figuring out one's purpose in life despite dealing with depression, and finding a way to make a difference in the lives of others.


Lisa Nichols, founder & CEO of Motivating The Teen Spirit and co-author of "Chicken Soup for the African-American Soul", on emotional literacy and personal empowerment.


Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby-Grant, media psychologist/mental health expert on the intangible qualities of leadership, character and integrity that non-profits should possess to facilitate the productivity of people and to reduce victimization psychology.


Celeste E. Terry, MSSA, Assistant Executive Director, United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland, Inc., on grant writing demystified, with in-depth discussion of grant writing, strategic planning, fundraising and board development.


Nick Early, executive director of Veteran's Business Resource Council, on surviving a helicopter crash as a Captain in the Viet Nam war, to create a program that helps veterans re-adjust by providing business training so that other veterans can become entrepreneurs after military service.


Vicki Dansby, president of Imagine That Entertainment & Event Management, Ltd., on what non-profits need to know about public relations, the media and selecting a public relations firm.


Robert Alexander, director/instructor of R.E.A.L. Comedy, on creating a unique comedy/training workshop for youth


Yvonne Pointer, philanthropist and founder of Positive Plus, on how tragedy led to the creation of a non-profit program, a scholarship program and a philanthropic fund.


Ruby L. Terry, Executive Director of the United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland, Inc., on the evolution of a non-profit organization.


An introduction to the world of non-profits (resources and data).  How to create a non-profit: identifying need, a target audience, develop a passion, and non-profits in the news.



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