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Books on the Supernatural

Hosted by:  Frederick J. Arceneaux

Mr. Arceneaux grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida, the son of an accountant and a housewife. He and his brother had an average childhood, but Mr. Arceneaux always had a talent for sensing things outside our five senses. Embarrassed to tell anyone for fear of being teased and bullied about it he kept silent. That is, silent until about six years ago when he and his wife moved to a small town in north Alabama on disability. Using writing as a medium for both self healing and exploration into the supernatural Mr. Arceneaux started with his spiritual memoirs and moved quickly into fiction based on his personal experiences as well as those of actual exorcists he has met and read in their published books. Fred Arceneaux has written three books to date and is currently working on an eight book series of fiction involving stories based upon facts found in the above exorcist books.

This show covers all aspects of the supernatural that have been written about. There will often be guest authors from all genre’s as long as they contain elements of the supernatural.  For the purpose of this show the definition of supernatural is anything outside of our five senses.  If you have a question you would like addressed on a future show please e-mail Mr. Arceneaux at (fredarceneaux@yahoo.com). You are invited to visit his website at www.frederickjarceneaux.com.


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Topics Discussed and/or Featured Guests

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This week's show is all about angels.  Fred talks about the book, "The World and Work of the Holy Angels" by Father Robert J. Fox - their origins, mission and how they influence the human race.

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Today's special guest is Doug Arnold, owner of Mt. Doom Paint Ball Fields.  He is the Don Anderson in the book, "Mystery Asylum on Mt. Doom."

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Fred investigates the rumored claims of a now-deceased woman who was approached by Confederate Soldiers in a cemetery only 15 miles from his house, who asked the woman for help.  Also, catch the conclusion of Fred's short story, "Night of the Doppleganger."

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This week's guest is missionary-author Joe Garner Turman, who tells us about his witnessing exorcisms in Zambia, Africa and Indonesia.  Also, Fred offers part 2 of 3 in his short story, "Night of the Doppleganger."

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Host Fred Arceneuax speaks in depth about the books written by an exorcist mentioned in the first show.  He also discusses part of the theme of the current book he's writing, "Night of the Doppleganger," which is about a cloning experiment gone wrong - very timely, considering the Pope listed recently that cloning is a new sin.

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My guest this week is Carla Swafford.  She has written seven books of which 2 have a paranormal theme.  Like myself, she is a member of Romance Writers of America, and we'll discuss how to write supernatural elements into a romance novel.

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This week's program features special guest Adriana Danvers who edits Mr. Arceneaux's books before submission to a publisher and the book, "Get Us Out Of Here," by Maria Simma, Souls in Purgatory ask a visionary for help.)

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Our premiere show informs the listeners about the common and not so common elements of the supernatural.  Today we talk about two books written by an exorcist priest, "An Exorcist Tells His Story" and "An Exorcist More Stories" by Gabriele Amorth and published by Ignatius Press.


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