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Host your own Talk Radio show!

We put the power of SOCIAL MEDIA to work for you!

Advantages of hosting your own show:

  • Promote your website, book or business on the fastest-growing internet talk radio station!

  • Establish your credibility and expertise in your field.

  • Gain international exposure and publicity - putting social media to work for you.

  • Earn heightened respect and prestige among your peers.

  • Reach a highly-targeted audience that is interested in what you have to offer.

  • Sell advertising and generate revenue for your show (depends on your host package).

  • Your celebrity status will open doors to new opportunities, both personally and professionally.

  • And most of all... it's fun!

Boost your SEO by hosting your own talk show!

Tell your story "on the air" and in your own words, with guests and listener calls.  GTR handles everything involved in recording, engineering, streaming and archiving your storage, and we're just as interested in your success as you are!  We'll optimize your archive pages, publish press releases, assist with links/backlinks, and help drive traffic to your talk show.  We aim for Top 10 Results on Google, Bing and Yahoo!  The sky's the limit, and our goal is to get your talk show on the first page using relevant keywords.  Imagine how that can help put your business, book or website in front of a larger audience!!

But you'd probably like some proof, wouldn't you?  Look at these examples of current exclusive GTR shows:

Example #1:  Nightengale Press' "Calling All Authors".  This author-based talk show ranks #1 on Google under the keywords "authors radio" (out of 45,300,000 pages) and #1 for "authors talk radio" (our of 41,500,000 pages).

Example #2:  Liberty Tax Service's "Ask John Hewitt".  After only 6 weeks, 3 of the top 15 Google pages for the keywords "tax franchise opportunities" belong to this talk show!  They appear at #8, #11 and #15 (out of 1,900,000 pages).

Example #3:  Dave Kurlan's "Meet The Sales Experts".  After just 2 months, the show ranks #8 on Google for the keywords "sales experts" (out of 75,300,000 pages).

* Search results as of August 2, 2009.  Individual results may vary.

We engineer professional talk radio shows... no experience is necessary!

Global Talk Radio was launched in 2004 with the sole purpose of providing the very best station for talk show hosts, guests and listeners to come together.  With several new and exclusive shows already in production, supplemented by informative and inspirational material from other providers, we are on our way to becoming the world's fastest growing source of live, streaming and archived quality radio programming.  And now, you can become part of the fastest-growing internet talk radio station, too!

Work with the best!  Global Talk Radio is the fastest-growing internet talk radio station!
But don't take our word for it... check us out at Alexa.

You can join the exciting world of talk radio by hosting your very own show online.  Internet talk radio is the fastest growing outlet for new talk shows, and is quickly becoming a driving force behind syndicated programming on conventional sources (AM & FM) and for newer technologies (Satellite & Cable).

What we do for you:  (benefits vary by hosting package)

  • Professionally engineer, produce, record and store your show

  • Make your archived shows available for on-demand streaming

  • Mix in your royalty-free bumper music, as appropriate

  • Configure your show's web page with your bio and links to your website or email

  • Promote your show to other listeners throughout our station and the internet

No experience is necessary, as we provide all the technical support necessary to produce, broadcast and archive your show.  An engineer will assist you in preparing bumper music and connecting with guests and listener call-ins, and your program will be recorded and stored in a universal format for archiving and rebroadcast.  For your convenience, all shows are hosted by telephone from the comfort of your home or office.

How it works:

  • At show time, you will dial into the station's recording center

  • If you have guests or co-hosts, they will call in at the same time

  • An engineer will perform a "sound check" and get you started

  • Your program will be broadcast live and recorded for archival purposes

  • Our engineers will check the archive for any critical sound quality issues

  • Bumper music will be mixed into the beginning and end of the recording

  • Within a couple days, your show will be posted and available for on-demand streaming

  • You supply a summary ("blurb") for each show, which feeds keywords into search engines

2 Types of Hosting Arrangements

There are two types of hosting arrangements:  GOLD and SILVER.  Which one is best for you?  Here are some pointers:

GOLD:  This package is ideally suited for businesses and professionals who wish to have a regular day and time of the week reserved for their show (which helps greatly in scheduling guests), who desire to have control over the advertisements associated with their show and who want their archives available for MP3 download.  Listener calls are accepted during the live show.  Here are a couple examples of well-done "GOLD" programs:   Calling All Authors  and  Indie Business Radio.

SILVER:  This package is perfect for the home-based business or any individual interested in social networking at a minimal cost.  The host has a regular weekly time slot.  Guests and co-hosts are welcome, but listener calls cannot be taken.  Here are a couple examples of well-done "SILVER" programs:  Love Safety Net  and  Meet The Sales Experts.

Talk Show Host Packages

Package Production cost paid by host Will I have a regular weekly time slot? Will I have my own personalized
Show Page?
What type of show segments are included? Will I be able to have guests? Will I be
able to take listener calls?
Will my program stream live? Will my archives be available for streaming & download? Can I sell advertising for my show?


Yes Yes Three approx
16 minute segments
(2 breaks)
Yes Yes Yes Streaming: Yes


2x 60-sec commercials and
10x thumbnail display ads


Yes Yes One approx 48 minute segment
(no breaks)
Yes No Yes Streaming: Yes


* Specifications subject to change.  Term is month-to-month.  There is a one-time $20 setup charge and 30-day notice required to cancel hosting.

A limited number of talk show spots are available.  Shows which demonstrate their potential for success will be considered for the remaining time slots, on a first-come first-served basis.  Not all shows submitted for review will be approved for production.



PLEASE NOTE:  Hosting a show is not right for everyone.  Global Talk Radio invests a great deal of time, money and expertise in every show we produce, and we expect our hosts to be similarly committed.  If you have a show concept for a targeted internet audience, are desirous of working together with us to develop and promote the show, and are willing to cover the cost of production, then please complete the following short application for immediate consideration.


Or, if you're ready to get started now.... 

 For immediate consideration,
please complete the short application below:


Your name:  
Company:    (if applicable)
Confirm Email:  
Which hosting package do you want?  (GOLD or SILVER)?  Be sure to read the differences above and select the type that's right for you:  
What is the name for your proposed show?  
What is the show category?  
Description of show content:  
Who is your target audience?  
When would you like to begin producing your show?       Please only apply if you are willing to start within 2 weeks!
From where will you record your show?  
If you have a website,  please enter your URL here:  
Additional comments:  
Where did you hear about us?  
Finally, to help reduce spam, you need to enter the word "RADIO" in all caps here, so your form will be processed.  


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