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"We put the power of SOCIAL MEDIA to work for you!"


Promote your website, book or business on the fastest-growing internet talk radio station!

Establish your credibility and expertise in your field.

Gain international exposure and publicity.

Earn heightened respect and prestige among your pears.

Reach a highly-targeted audience interested in what you have to offer.

Your celebrity status may open doors to new opportunities... both personally and professionally.

Host your own one-time Talk Radio show!

This offer is available EXCLUSIVELY from Global Talk Radio, one of the fastest-growing and longest-streaming internet talk radio stations!  Check us out at Alexa, an independent internet traffic analysis site.  Your one-time show will appear as an episode of our Public Access Radio program.

There's absolutely no long-term commitment required, and we'll help you setup and record your one-time show.  Then, we'll broadcast and archive your show on our internet radio station... so you can judge for yourself if internet talk radio is right for you.

What we do for you:

  • Professionally engineer, produce, record and archive your show

  • Help connect you with any co-hosts or guests you want on the program

  • Make your archive show available for on-demand streaming

  • Add royalty-free bumper music to your recording

  • Mention your one-time show on our home page for all to see

No experience is necessary, as we provide all the technical support necessary to produce, broadcast and archive your one-time show.  An engineer will assist you in preparing bumper music and connecting with guests or co-hosts (listener calls are not accepted for one-time shows), and your program will be recorded and stored in a universal format for archiving and rebroadcast.  For your convenience, all shows are hosted by telephone from the comfort of your home or office.

How it works:

  • You will dial into the station's recording center at your pre-agreed time

  • If you have guests or co-hosts, they will call in at the same time

  • You will have one uninterrupted 25-minute segment (no commercial breaks)

  • Your program will be recorded for archiving purposes

  • After the show, our engineer will check to see if any critical adjustments are necessary to the recording

  • Within a couple days, your show will be available for on-demand streaming

  • NEW!  You can download an MP3 of the show for posting on your own website!

  • You can supply a short description for your show, which feeds keywords into the major search engines


So... How much does it cost?

50% OFF THIS WEEK ONLY!! --  (Regularly $200 -- Only $99 if you order this week!)


Book your one-time Talk Show NOW!

Note: You have 30 days to actually record the program...
but you must book your one-time show now to receive the discount.
(All sales are final.  No refunds.)

You must also agree to the following:

1.   Global Talk Radio ("GTR") agrees to produce, engineer, record, archive and stream a talk show for you ("Host").  Host is fully responsible for preparing
       the show's content and for all vocals used in hosting the show, and for connecting to the studio by telephone or Skype.
2.   The length and frequency of production shall be:  One-Time Show (approximately 25 minutes of actual program)
3    Host will record one episode of "Public Access Radio" with its own subtitle and description.  This episode's content (except for inclusion of any copyrighted
      material, such as music) will be owned by GTR and GTR may, without limit or compensation to Host, promote, market, archive, edit and re-broadcast this
      episode, in part or in full.
4.   The exact time of recording the show will be determined by GTR and Host, but the Show must be produced within 30 days of this submission.
5.   At no time shall GTR be held responsible if any of the shows are illegally copied or reproduced by listeners.
6.   GTR will make a good-faith effort to backup and preserve recorded shows.  However, at no time shall GTR be held financially responsible for lost, deleted
      or corrupted recordings.
7.   Host agrees not to include any content that is copyrighted by parties outside the scope of this agreement, or which is illegal, slanderous or offensive in
      nature.  Host agrees not to use profanity or vulgarity.  Host agrees to indemnify and hold harmless GTR from any legal actions that arise as a result of
      broadcasting or archiving any material under this agreement.
8.   GTR may edit these shows at its sole discretion, for the purpose of adjusting segment length, removing or adding advertisements and announcements, or
      for removing inappropriate content.
9.   Either party may advertise or promote the fact that Host's show is available at GTR's website.  GTR is granted permission to a) create its own
      announcement for Host's show, using audio clips from actual shows as part of the announcement, b) create one web page on GTR's website for
      information about the show, and c) use Host's name and the name of Host's show in audio and visual format throughout GTR's website for the purpose
      of promoting the show.  Host is granted permission to use GTR's name in audio and visual format throughout its website and recorded program for the
      purpose of promoting the show's availability at GTR.
10. Neither party shall compensate the other for any advertising revenue obtained from the production, streaming or archiving of this show.
11. GTR does not guarantee the quality or success of any show, and GTR shall not be held financially responsible for guests or listeners who are unable to
      connect to Host's show, or for technical glitches that occur during a show, regardless of the reason.  Host must always be prepared to "go solo" when
      recording a show.
12. GTR reserves the right to immediately suspend or cancel any program at any time for Host's default under any section of this agreement, or for legal or
      ethical reasons. 
13. This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California.
14. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Host and GTR, and may only be modified by a written document executed by both parties.
15. All sales are final.  There are no refunds.

If this is agreeable to you, simply use the "Buy Now" icon from Paypal below.  You do not need a Paypal account; they also accept credit cards.

Regular price:  $200

THIS WEEK ONLY - Just US$99.00


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