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Guests' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the reach of internet radio?

According to a January 2004 Arbitron study, "the audience for radio and video broadcasting over the internet has grown substantially in a very brief period of time."  51 million people have tuned into internet radio at some point during the past 30 days, and 30 million are regular weekly listeners.  42% of the internet audio audience listens to internet radio while shopping or researching a product or service online.

What are Global Talk Radio's demographics?

Click here to view GTR's demographics, as monitored independently by Quantcast.  (Keep in mind that traffic monitoring sites tend to only track about 10% of a website's true traffic... but they provide useful information about age, gender, education, income, etc.)

Global Talk Radio (GTR) began streaming in April, 2005 and surpassed the 20,000,000-hit mark in May 2009.  And our audience is soaring... up 167% in May 2009!  In fact, Global Talk Radio has earned the reputation of "the fastest growing internet talk radio station".

Most of our listeners are between 25-60 years old (fairly evenly distributed between the genders), with above-average education and above-average income/investments.  The majority of our listeners are currently in the United States and Canada, although we have reached listeners in 64 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and throughout North and South America.

How is this show funded?

This particular program is primarily funded from a combination of guest fees, banner advertisements and display/thumbnail ads.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Global Talk Radio accepts all four major credit cards:

Why do we ask guests to sponsor the station to appear on this program?

It takes about 5 hours to produce a 1-hour program, so the station incurs substantial costs in production and marketing of each show and its guests (including labor, programming, streaming, storage, rent, telephones, licenses and advertising.)  Banner advertisements only cover a small fraction of these expenses, and since audio commercials are infrequent on internet radio, the burden of the production cost is passed along to the guest.  In return, the guest receives exposure and promotion to our audience, and we regularly distribute internet press releases announcing their appearance on our programs.

Is this an "infomercial"?

Definitely not.  In fact, we want our audience to come away from the program feeling educated and informed.  The interview should appeal to as wide an audience as possible.  Naturally, the guest also wants to get his/her name and contact information out to the audience - and that is a perfectly legitimate use of the program.  Our experience is that this can be done in the natural course of the conversation, without turning the interview into an advertisement. 

How is the interview conducted?

We ask each guest to supply us with about 10 "talking points" - things that they feel are appropriate to be discussed or asked during the interview.  These mini-topics should be of general interest to the audience, but they can also offer assistance with specific issues.  A few of the questions can also pertain to specifically what the guest has to offer to the audience, provided that it is presented in an informative and educational manner.  Additionally, the host may ask his/her own questions.  (Read our testimonials.)

Can everyone appear as a guest if they sponsor the station?

No.  We have strict guidelines as to the suitability and appropriateness of our guests.  We approach many of our prospective guests after hearing of their work from other sources.  Others contact us, and if we approve, we extend an invitation for them to appear on our programs.  However, we have also turned down many guests - even though they offered to sponsor the station - because they did not meet our qualification standards.

Who calls whom?

Generally, if you're located in the United States, we can call you for the interview.  We will schedule a 1-hour time frame with you in advance, and call 10-15 minutes ahead of the actual interview to make sure you're ready.  (We ask for a 1-hour time frame, because it is difficult to narrow down a firm studio time for this type of interview.)  If you're outside the United States, we will supply you with a direct telephone number into our studio, so you can call in at a designated time.


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