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Global Talk Radio is the fastest-growing internet radio station, and we put SOCIAL MEDIA to work for you!   Don't take our word for it, though.  See how we compare with independent traffic analysis at Alexa.

Get your message in front of potentially thousands of internet radio listeners with display advertising.  You can place a thumbnail graphical advertisement on Global Talk Radio's home page or any of a number of individual Show Pages for maximum exposure and minimal cost.

Images should generally be 100-wide and be between 100-to-150-tall, and the file size should not exceed 50Kb.  (Larger images will be accepted and auto-sized, but keep in mind that images may not look the same, and smaller text may not be legible after auto-sizing.) 

If you don't have the ability to create your own ad, we can create a generic text-only ad for you.  Both graphic and text ads can be hyperlinked back to your website upon request.


Example of thumbnail ad

Example of text ad

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Step 1:  Submit Online Payment

Choose how long your advertisement should run (just for one month, or for the rest of 2012), then click the "Buy Now" button to securely pay for your ad with Paypal.

Place your ad on
Global Talk Radio for one month and reach thousands of listeners.

Regular price:  $50

ONE MONTH - Only US$25.00

Place your ad on
Global Talk Radio for the rest of 2013 and reach even more listeners at over 80% off!

Regular price:  $395

REST OF 2014 - Only US$65.00

Step 2:  Send Us Your Advertisement

          Within one business day, we will send a confirmation email to you at the address from which you sent payment.  Please note: PAYPAL ONLY PROVIDES US WITH THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU USED TO PAY.  IF YOU NO LONGER USE THAT EMAIL ADDRESS, PLEASE LET US KNOW HOW TO CONTACT YOU.  If you do not receive our email, or wish us to contact you at a different email address, please send your request to info@globaltalkradio.com.  To start displaying your ad, we will ask for:

  • Clarification on which page your ad should be placed (GTR Home Page or an individual Show Page)

  • Your graphic image (see above)

  • If you prefer we create a textual ad, send the text to us (20 words maximum)

  • The URL to which your advertisement should be hyperlinked



1.  This is a non-refundable purchase.
2.  We do not guarantee a particular position in which your advertisement will appear, nor do we guarantee
     how many times it will be displayed or how many other ads will appear on the same page.
3.  We reserve the right to suspend or cancel individual advertising campaigns at any time and at our own
     discretion.  In the event that we (GTR) cancel your advertising campaign, we will refund your unused


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